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What Do Water Softeners Do?

You may have heard terms like “hard water” and “water softeners” being tossed around but, like many people, you may not actually know what these terms mean. Plenty of people who would benefit from water softener systems in their home don’t even know how these systems work. At Collins Comfort Masters Plumbing, we believe in keeping you informed about the water in your home. Here is a quick rundown of what exactly softeners do and why you might want one for your home.

What Is Hard Water?

If you have hard water in your home, it means your water has a high concentration of dissolved minerals, most commonly magnesium or calcium. While hard water is not toxic to drink or hazardous to use, the minerals do impact its taste. If you find that you prefer to drink bottled water because your tap water tastes slightly bitter, you may have hard water.

Hard water can also have a negative impact when used heavily in washing or cleaning. It may leave unsightly spots and film on dishes, damage household appliances like dishwashers, and clog plumbing pipes with mineral deposits. While any Mesa plumber can clear out these clogs, you may want to consider getting a water softener for your home to avoid these problems and save money in the long run.

What Does a Water Softener Do?

In order to make hard water soft, a water softener removes the minerals from the water. This is done using what is called “ion exchange,” where hard ions like magnesium and calcium are exchanged for sodium and potassium ions, which are softer.

Within each water softener, there is a tank full of small resin beads, covered with potassium and sodium ions. The water travels through these beads, and the hard ions trade places with the softer ones. That water then comes out your faucet containing less calcium and more sodium.

How Do I Get a Water Softening System?

If you worry your hard water might be damaging your appliances or making your dishes filmy, Collins Comfort Masters Plumbing is able to install a water softening system that will clear that hard water right up. Give us a call at 480-655-7575 and schedule an appointment to check your water quality today!

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