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The Severity of a Gas Leak

Although degrees of severity may exist for some types of leaks, any gas leak that you or Southwest Gas finds is serious. Depending on the age of your neighborhood, Southwest Gas periodically walks through with gas detecting equipment and if they find a leak, they’ll turn your gas off immediately. In the event you’re uncertain if they’ve toured yours recently, Collins Comfort Masters Plumbing can also diagnose even the smallest leak, giving you peace of mind.

Although gas lines are buried deep underground and made from materials that last for decades, eventually corrosion does occur and small leaks happen. When they do, they pose a serious risk for your home or business, along with the surrounding properties. We provide licensed plumbing services and have all the advanced gas leak detection tools, along with the equipment to complete the gas line repair.

If your home uses natural gas for any purpose, it’s helpful to know what the signs of a leak are to keep your home and family safe at all times. If you smell or see any of these situations, call the Southwest Gas emergency number immediately and turn the gas valve to your home off:

• Smell of rotten eggs anywhere;

• Bubbling of the soil outside, particularly when it’s wet;

• Dead vegetation following the gas line coming into your home; or

• A hissing noise inside or outdoors.

Although Southwest Gas is the gas provider for the Phoenix area, unlike APS or SRP, they won’t fix your gas line; instead, you’ll need a licensed Phoenix plumber to do so. The gas company won’t turn the gas back on until the plumber shows the building permit to dig and has completed the job. The gas company will verify the soundness of the repair, and only then will they restore the gas service.

Encountering a gas leak of any magnitude is always a serious problem and we recommend that you teach your children what natural gas smells like and how to spot the other signs of leaking. If you’d like to learn more about protecting your home and family, contact Collins Comfort Masters Plumbing at 480-655-7575.

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