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Rooter Services Keep Pipe Systems Clog-Clear

RooterWhether your bathroom sink is taking minutes or even hours to drain, or your clogged kitchen sink has become a plumbing emergency, Collins Comfort Masters Plumbing provides comprehensive rooter services that can eliminate the toughest clogs. Our Gilbert plumbing experts will keep your home’s pipe systems clear, clean, and clog-free.

Proven, Professional Methods

Once your localized clog has been diagnosed, our expert rooter technicians are equipped with a variety of techniques and specialized equipment to handle any plumbing emergency:

  • Simple Snaking: Employing a strong, flexible metal wire coil, this technique is highly effective for dislodging clogs that cannot be removed with a plunger alone.
  • Augering: Snaking cables fitted with augering attachments are able to break down, remove, and retrieve difficult clogs caused by foam insulation or cloth material, tree roots, or other foreign objects.
  • Hydro-Jetting: Kitchen and bathroom drains are especially prone to the buildup of greasy and insolvent substances. For these situations a high-pressure jet of water can simultaneously break up blocked material and sweep it clear of pipes. This equipment can obliterate even the most stubborn obstruction.

In addition to persistent blockages, snaking and augering equipment can provide a comprehensive scouring of your pipes, offering improved water quality and pressure.

Call Today for Reliable 24-Hour Service

From catastrophic clogs to persistent leaks, Collins Comfort Masters Plumbing provides 24-hour rooter response teams equipped with the tools and techniques needed to handle most plumbing emergencies. Whether you have a specific issue or general questions about your home’s pipe systems, contact our knowledgeable representatives today at 480-655-7575.

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