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Creative Ways to Stay Cool Through Summer

CoolingSummer is a time where you should feel energized, but those hot summer days can definitely lead to fatigue. Unfortunately, staying cool costs money, and not everyone wants to run their air conditioner unit on blast all day long just to feel comfortable in their own home. If you are looking for money-saving tips and creative ways to stay cool this summer, you have come to the right place. Here are some fun and practical tips from our experts at Collins Comfort Masters so that you can stay cool this summer without breaking the bank.

Make a Head Cooler

You do not have to look cool to feel cool. With some towels, some water, and a freezer, you can create an instant air conditioner for your body. Simply run hand towels in water, place them in the freezer or the fridge, and you can wrap them around your head or your neck when it gets too hot in your home. Doing this helps you beat the heat so that you are not always reliant on your AC.

Find a Use For Your Lemon Tree

When summer hands you ripe lemons, make lemonade. One way to beat the heat is to stay hydrated. Try to skip the caffeine, and drink ice cold beverages that will keep the body temperature down. Fluids are important, and the lemons and water cost just pennies if you are willing to make the lemonade on your own.

Coordinate When to Run Your AC and When to Run Your Fans

All too often, people tell us they run their ceiling fans and window fans to cool down a room. What you might not know is that fans do not cool down the space, they cool down your skin. You should be smart about when to use your AC, and coordinate the use of fans and your AC. Turn your fans on at night and keep the windows open. During the daytime, as it starts to heat up, turn off the fans, close the windows, and turn on your AC.

Plan Your Shopping Trips at Peak Times

One of the great things about retail stores is they are nice and cool. If you need to go grocery shopping, or you need a new swimsuit, plan your shopping trips during the hottest time of the day so that you can enjoy air conditioning at the store’s expense.

You may rely on your air conditioner, but you do not have to rely on it to the point where your energy bills skyrocket during the summer months. Make sure to have your unit serviced by a reliable Mesa air conditioner company on an annual basis, and get creative to stay cool. If you need air conditioner repair or maintenance, Collins Comfort Masters can help. Call us today at 480-630-3874 for more fun ideas and to schedule your appointment.


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