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Avoid Plumbing Problems During Bathroom Remodeling Projects

Bathroom Remodeling

When you first embark on bathroom remodeling, you may have visions of shiny new fixtures and a spacious shower. However, your ability to fully enjoy the new amenities of the remodel will rely upon the quality of the plumbing. Many of the most common issues and pricing surprises develop because of plumbing mistakes or necessary upgrades. Before you get too far along on your remodeling process, find out how help from the professional at Collins Comfort Masters Plumbing can make your remodel easier.

Common Plumbing Issues Which Often Surprise Homeowners

  • The unseen pipes making up the plumbing throughout homes have the potential of causing some serious and costly damages. The age of the pipes, the material of the pipes, and the configuration of the pipes could all affect the quality of the existing plumbing.
  • Attaching new fixtures to older plumbing during bathroom remodeling can also present many problems. Some newer fixtures don’t have the correct attachments or sizing to match up with the existing plumbing.
  • The removal of an older shower during a bathroom remodeling project might reveal a great deal of damage because of subsurface water damage. There is great potential here for expensive repairs.
  • The crawlspace is an area of the home that most homeowners prefer to avoid. Unfortunately, there may be issues to be found in the crawlspace that should not be neglected during a remodel.
  • Unconventional building designs can lead to the need for creative plumbing.

Call the Professionals

Any of these issues have the potential of leading to significant damages. If pluming problems are ignored, or if you simply weren’t aware of them, you might experience the frustration of watching your beautiful new bathroom become seriously damaged. Arranging for a professional Gilbert plumbing service to handle your plumbing during the remodel will ensure that the plumbing is handled from beginning to end with expertise.

The technicians and professionals at Collins Comfort Masters Plumbing understand where to watch for trouble and how to install your plumbing, so that your bathroom remodeling project is successful. Call us today at 480-717-3058 to schedule an appointment.


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