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I found the Collins technician to be a real gentleman, careful, pleasant, accommodating, and patient with my unusual situation, as....
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John, Mesa AZ

Leave Garbage Disposal Repair to the Professionals

Garbage Disposal RepairA man in Galloway Township, NJ recently caused an explosion while using his garbage disposal. The incident occurred as a result of a gas leak, with the garbage disposal sparking the gas when it was turned on. While incidents such as this are relatively uncommon, it does underscore the fact that garbage disposal repair should be left to professionals such as us, the Gilbert plumbing experts of Collins Comfort Masters Plumbing.

Professionals Know When to Expect the Unexpected

We often go out on service calls where a simple problem is turned into a complex one after a homeowner tries to fix the problem on their own. We never like to see this happen, as it makes our job more difficult, and it often causes the homeowner an additional expense that could have been easily avoided. Garbage disposal repair is a relatively complex job, and any repair should always be done by a trained professional. Through our many years of experience, we have encountered numerous interesting and unique problems. As a result, we know the proper solution to any issue, major or minor.

Call Us for an Appointment

It is unlikely that you will ever have to deal with a situation such as the one the New Jersey man had to deal with, but if you try to perform garbage disposal repair on your own, you may create a very unwanted and potentially dangerous situation. You should instead call us, Collins Comfort Masters Plumbing, so that we can bring our years of experience to your home to fix your issue. To schedule an appointment for maintenance or repair, please call us at 480-717-3058.

Galloway Patch, “Galloway Man Escapes Gas Explosion Uninjured,” by Douglas Bergen, January 13, 2014

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